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  • Closures are an important feature of Go programming language, and they provide a way to create anonymous functions that can be passed around as values
  • The Context package in Golang is a way to carry deadlines, cancellations, and other request-scoped values across API boundaries and between processes. It provides a way to manage the flow of a program based on the context of the request.
  • In Golang, a function is a self-contained piece of code that performs a specific task. Functions can take arguments as inputs, and can return one or more values as output. Functions can be called from anywhere within the program, and can be passed as arguments to other functions. This makes functions an essential tool for structuring and organizing your code.
  • Method chaining is a programming concept that allows developers to chain together multiple function calls into a single line of code. This programming technique is often used to simplify code, reduce the amount of lines required, and make the code more readable
  • Methods are functions that are attached to a specific type. They are used to manipulate the values of that type and to provide an easy way to reuse code. In Go, methods are declared using the func keyword followed by the receiver type, which is the type the method will be attached to.
  • One of the key features of Go is its ability to return multiple values from a single function. This feature enables Go developers to write cleaner and more concise code, which can be more readable and easier to maintain.