How to Extract filename and extension in Bash?

Understand Extract filename and extension in Bash


In Bash, you can extract the filename and extension from a file path using the following syntax:


Let's break down the syntax:

  • path is the variable that holds the file path.
  • "${path##*/}" extracts the filename from the path by removing everything up to and including the last forward slash.
  • "${filename##*.}" extracts the extension from the filename by removing everything up to and including the last dot.
  • "${filename%.*}" extracts the filename without extension by removing the shortest possible match of anything after the last dot.


Here's an example that shows this in use:

echo "Filename: $filename"
echo "Extension: $extension"
echo "Filename without extension: $filename_no_ext"

This will output:

Extension: sh
Filename without extension: example
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