How to Create dynamic variable names in Bash?

Dynamic variable names in Bash

In Bash, dynamic variable names can be created using curly braces {} and the exclamation mark ! operator.

Let's say you have a variable called fruit with a value of apple, and you want to create a new variable with a dynamic name that includes the value of fruit. You can do it like this:

name_of_${fruit}=Jonny   # This will create a new variable called name_of_apple with the value Jonny
echo $name_of_apple      # Output: Jonny

Here, the curly braces are used to specify the variable name, and the exclamation mark ! is used to evaluate the value of the variable.

You can also use dynamic variable names in arrays. For example:

echo ${count_of_apple}   # Output: 5

# You can also use dynamic variable names in arrays
fruits=(apple banana cherry)
for fruit in ${fruits[@]}; do
  echo ${count_of_${fruit}}   # Output: 5

Here, a dynamic variable name is created for each element in the fruits array. This allows you to create and manipulate variables based on dynamic values in Bash.

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